Illal Meadows. Photo: Stephen Hui
Illal Meadows. Photo: Stephen Hui

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Here’s what people are saying about the book.

Karl Woll writes:

“A very helpful starting point as you try to hone in on your next adventure. … Each guide has a map and beautiful color photo, along with the key stats, including the trailhead coordinates. … One other thing I like about the book is that some of the more popular trails are left out (one example is Quarry Rock) to make room for the inclusion of some other great, but lesser-known hikes.”

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Michael Chang writes:

“Carrying on the tradition in the series, Stephen Hui’s 105 Hikes In and Around Southwestern British Columbia highlights several of the many great hikes in the region. … The topographical trail maps are greatly improved over previous editions, including more local details and a consistent ‘north’ to either the top or side of the page.”

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Natasha Tar writes:

“As you turn the pages, you’ll come to realize that 105 Hikes is not only accessible but also welcoming. … [Stephen] Hui makes sure not to miss a detail, though, capturing everything from the Indigenous names of places to plant life to the history of the trails. … I believe this book would be a must-have for an avid hiker.”

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Steve Vanderwoerd writes:

“This is the new benchmark. … This is the default gift to give your friend that lives local and just started hiking. While you are at it buy a copy for yourself, check off the hikes as you go, and plan a long fun season of hiking in this beautiful place you’ve chosen to live.”

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Taryn Eyton writes:

“When I heard that Stephen Hui would be writing the successor book to 103 Hikes, I thought that the publisher couldn’t have picked a better author. … There are tons of new trails! … If you hike in Southwestern BC, you’re going to want to pick up a copy of this book.”

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Jan DeGrass writes:

“Using maps, photos and detailed descriptions of routes, [Stephen] Hui’s book is indispensable for the serious hiker who wants challenges and is prepared to hoof it across rough terrain. It’s also welcome for the serious walker who wants to find a trail that doesn’t demand scrambling up a huge elevation gain and doesn’t require backpacking a tent.”

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