Hike 16
Hike 16 of 55. Photo: Stephen Hui

Take a hike, kids!

My new book, Best Hikes and Nature Walks With Kids In and Around Southwestern British Columbia, is designed to help families explore the great outdoors.

Best Hikes and Nature Walks With Kids describes 55 hiking trails near Vancouver, B.C. — including several in Washington (check out the table of contents).

These hikes are ideal for children aged 4 to 11 — but they’re not just for kids. Beginner and intermediate hikers, seniors, nature lovers, and anyone seeking short hikes will enjoy these trails. They lead to beaches, beaver lodges, canyons, heritage sites, hollow trees, suspension bridges, tide pools, waterfalls, and more.

Here are seven fun-filled hikes featured in my new book.

1. Train Wreck Falls

Hike 16
Hike 16. Photo: Stephen Hui

Whistler’s Train Wreck site is a guaranteed kid-pleaser. A suspension bridge over the Cheakamus River leads to seven derailed boxcars — covered with graffiti — rusting in the woods. Break away from the tourist trail for waterfall views and the possibility of solitude.

2. Cheakamus Canyon

Hike 13
Hike 13. Photo: Stephen Hui

Make a splash at Starvation Lake. Chase trains in the dramatic setting of Cheakamus Canyon. Take a hike on the Sea to Sky Trail and peer down at railway tunnels and bridges, and whitewater. If the kids are acrophobic, you’ll find out.

3. Killarney Lake

Hike 39
Hike 39. Photo: Stephen Hui

Take the ferry to Bowen Island. Visit a fish ladder and waterfall. Spot a beaver dam and lodge. Look out for hollow trees and horseback riders. The hike to Killarney Lake offers plenty of interest to young ones.

4. Lost Lake

Hike 7
Hike 7. Photo: Stephen Hui

Four lakes, one hike — it’s a sweet deal on Hollyburn Mountain. Enjoy the novelty of strolling through the cross-country ski area (for free) in the off-season, take a dip in a lake or two, and hunt for slime moulds in the forest. You’ll even go by a cabin called The Doghouse.

5. Jug Island Beach

Hike 22
Hike 22. Photo: Stephen Hui

Jug Island Beach is an enchanting destination in təmtəmíxʷtən/Belcarra Regional Park. The shoreline hosts barnacles, crabs, limpets, sea stars, and dramatically fractured, multicoloured rock. Comb the beach for interesting stones and shells but remember the fourth principle of Leave No Trace: “Leave what you find.”

6. Mount Thom

Hike 31
Hike 31. Photo: Stephen Hui

Mount Thom is an enjoyable hike in any season, including the fall, when the brilliant foliage shines yellow, orange, and red. Climb the mountain from Chilliwack’s Promontory neighbourhood. On the summit, marvel at ravens soaring and diving overhead.

7. Flash Lake

Lightning Lake. Photo: Stephen Hui
Hike 37. Photo: Stephen Hui

A jewel in E.C. Manning Provincial Park, Lightning Lake holds rainbow trout and its chilly bluish-green water makes for invigorating swimming. Another reason to visit is the rodents, namely the squirrels, chipmunks, and beavers. Leave the crowd behind by setting out for Flash Lake.

Now in bookstores!

Important reminders for hikers: Check current conditions, take the essentials, leave a trip plan with a responsible person, and make sure to leave no trace.

I’ve included helpful tips on hiking with kids and safety, ethics, and etiquette in the book. Happy trails!

Exciting new book for hikers! @BestHikes and Nature Walks With Kids In and Around Southwestern BC = 55 fun hikes near Vancouver. #BestHikesWithKidsBC


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