Hiking scavenger hunt for kids

Hiking scavenger hunt for kids and families

Giving kids a mission is one way to kick up the fun factor on a hike.

Here’s a few ideas from my new book, Best Hikes and Nature Walks With Kids In and Around Southwestern British Columbia:

  • Look for the perfect walking stick or magic wand
  • Search for hollow trees
  • Play “I Spy” using the primary and secondary colours
  • Go geocaching
  • Bring a favourite stuffy for photo ops along the trail
  • Prepare a list and make it a scavenger hunt
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Hiking bingo card

Hiking Bingo

A rainy weekend is finally here after a long season of hiking.

So let’s play bingo, shall we? Hiking bingo, of course.

Tell me, how full is your bingo card?

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