Hiking the East Beach Trail on Haida Gwaii

East Beach. Photo: Stephen Hui
East Beach. Photo: Stephen Hui

I often say that my most memorable backpacking trip was the 10 days I spent on the 178-kilometre Sunshine Coast Trail in B.C.

The East Beach Trail, which is found in Naikoon Provincial Park on Haida Gwaii, is second on the list. Running from Tlell (Tllaal) to Tow Hill (Taaw) via the East Beach (GaahllsGagas), Rose Spit (Nee Kun), and North Beach (Gaatguusd), this remote coastal route covers 89 kilometres on Graham Island in Haida Nation territory.

Our hike lasted six days. We camped at Cape Ball River (MaaGan Gandlaay), East Beach lumber pile, Oeanda River (Xuuya Gandlee), Cape Fife (Sk’aw Gandalaa), and North Beach.

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6 reasons to #StandUpForParks in B.C.

Tetrahedron Provincial Park. Photo: Stephen Hui
Tetrahedron Provincial Park. Photo: Stephen Hui

British Columbia’s provincial parks are incredible places. However, they’re understaffed and underfunded, and therefore haven’t been getting as much maintenance and protection as they deserve.

If you’re a regular B.C. Parks visitor, you’ve seen the results here and there: eroding trails, rotting bridges and boardwalks, derelict outhouses, missing signage, and environmental degradation.

That’s why the B.C. chapter of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society is holding a Day of Action to Stand Up for Parks on February 3. Basically, CPAWS-BC, in conjunction with the Federation of Mountain Clubs of B.C. and the B.C. Mountaineering Club, is asking you to go for a hike, snowshoe, ski, or paddle in a provincial park and spread the word about the need for more B.C. Parks funding.

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