Wedgemount Lake. Photo: Stephen Hui
Wedgemount Lake. Photo: Stephen Hui

While Destination Hikes In and Around Southwestern British Columbia is the product of careful research, it’s rare for any book to go to print without error. Between editions, trails and roads are prone to changes to boot.

Destination Hikes In and Around Southwestern British Columbia
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Accordingly, I encourage you to post trail and access updates in the comment section — and contact me with suggested corrections. Please share current conditions, such as snow levels and wildlife closures, in the 105 Hikes Challenge group on Facebook.

Note: The following list of errata and addenda is by no means complete. I cannot guarantee the accuracy or currency of this information. You assume full responsibility for your safety and health in the backcountry. (See the Safety Notice on page 5 of the book.)

Hike 8: Echo Lake

  • Access change: The boat landing site and start of the trail have been altered by a debris flow and differ from the book description. For example, the log pilings mentioned in the text are no longer visible. The GPS coordinates will still assist you in finding the trail.
  • New descent trail: A newly built path (different than the short Bypass Trail) is now the recommended way down from Echo Lake. Completed in August 2020, the descent trail is clearly signed at bottom (400 m from the Squamish River) and top (100 m from Echo Lake) junctions with the pre-existing ascent trail. This makes the hike a clockwise loop, speeds up the descent, and adds an extra viewpoint. Please use the descent trail on the way down.
Echo Lake Trail map
The new Echo Lake descent trail is shown in yellow. (Courtesy Murray Sovereign)

Hike 24: Statlu Lake

  • Trail changes: As foreshadowed by the book, logging has substantially altered the route, which now deviates from my description. Wilderness navigation skills are a must.
  • Bridge in poor condition: The shaky log bridge encountered early on is reportedly getting sketchier. It’s not recommended for kids or dogs.

Hike 28: Greendrop Lake

  • Trail reopened: B.C. Parks has repaired a bridge, which was damaged by a falling tree in January 2021, on the trail to Lindeman Lake.

Hike 36: Ghostpass Lake

  • Trail overgrown and indistinct: As noted in the book, much of the route is obliterated by blowdowns and extremely difficult to follow. This hike is for experienced hikers — with strong wilderness navigation skills — only.

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Destination Hikes in and Around Southwestern British Columbia

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