Survive Outside with AdventureSmart

Going hiking? Did you remember to leave a trip plan and pack the essentials?

To help you enjoy the trips and trails in Destination Hikes In and Around Southwestern British Columbia as safely as possible, I’ve teamed up with AdventureSmart to present a free webinar on hiking safety.

I’ll present some safety tips, and we’ll hear from Sandra Riches, executive director of B.C. AdventureSmart, a program funded by the B.C. Search and Rescue Association. Thanks for your outdoor safety leadership, AdventureSmart!

Survive Outside with Destination Hikes

Presented by B.C. AdventureSmart

  • Date: Monday, June 21, 2021
  • Time: 6 p.m.–7 p.m. PDT

If you plan to attend, please also RSVP on Facebook.

What’s it about?

HIKING! It’s all about hiking, in the southwest of B.C.!

Did you know 50% of all hiking searches and rescues occur in the southwest?

We’re pleased to have author, and avid hiker, Stephen Hui join us to celebrate hiking, safety, and his new book (that was 3 years in the making), which highlights these popular regions:

  • North Shore
  • Sea to Sky
  • Fraser Valley
  • Coquihalla
  • Manning Park
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Gulf Islands
  • Nanaimo
  • Bellingham
  • Mount Baker
  • and more!

Participants will learn about personal preparedness for the outdoors, and safe activities and practices, to help reduce the number and severity of search and rescue incidents.

What topics will be covered?

  • Trip Planning — making a plan and leaving a trip plan
  • Training — physical, certification-based, mentorship, mental strength, decision making
  • Taking Essentials — basic safety items, plus adding season and sport-specific gear
  • What to do in an emergency

Who can participate?

Anyone interested in outdoor recreation and personal preparedness for outdoor activities such as hiking, backcountry adventures, mountain biking, 4x4ing, bike touring, geocaching, camping, and many others.

Where is it?

Online via GoToWebinar (free of charge)

For more events on the Destination Hikes book tour, check out my calendar.

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